Trusted Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Corona, CA

We take care of your solar panels so they can work to their optimum efficiency.

Pacific Solar Care provides professional solar panel cleaning services for residential and commercial customers in Corona and the Southern California area.

"Have used them to regularly clean my solar panels, and they do a great job. They are professional, on time, and easy to schedule. They provide before and after pictures every time, I would definitely recommend them!"

Brian C. via Google

Your Dependable Southern California Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar power is one step closer to having cleaner energy and lower energy costs for your home or business. It would be wonderful if your solar panels could be installed, and then you wouldn't have to think about any maintenance — while we can't promise your solar panels will not require maintenance, we can promise that we will maintain them for you.

Our team of professional solar panel cleaning technicians at Pacific Solar Care will ensure that any dust, road grime, and debris that may prevent your solar panels from operating correctly will be safely removed with our solar panel cleaning service.

Why choose Pacific Solar Care for your Solar Panel Cleaning needs?

We are thorough.

We provide a 25-point physical inspection of your solar panels to assess their current state. You will receive a detailed synopsis of your panels along with before and after photographs so you can have confidence in the results.

We care.

We are customer-driven and would like to provide you with an exceptional experience every single time. You can have the assurance that our team at Pacific Solar Care will go above and beyond to ensure that you have clean solar panels that will produce clean energy and lower costs for your bills.

We are experienced.

When we provide solar panel cleaning for your home or commercial property, we understand how to safely clean your panels to ensure that they will be free from dirt and dust while protecting their surface from any damage. Our crew is also properly trained in roof movement and safety protocols with our OSHA 30 certification.

Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning

Our robotics division is the all-in-one cleaning solution for commercial and utility solar panel systems.

We understand the importance of your solar panel system, which is why we provide the safest yet most efficient tool on the market. With the SolarCleano F1 robot, we can manage flat-top systems, carports, and more with ease.

In addition to the robot's capabilities, the wireless functionality and easy transportation eliminate the need for large working crews.

Person using remote control to control robotic solar panel cleaning which is cleaning a solar panelA close-up of a robotic solar panel cleaning system that is cleaning a solar panel

The benefits of Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Robotic solar panel cleaning minimizes any, if not all, safety concerns on the job site.
  • Efficiency with peace of mind. The SolarCleano F1 is the fastest robot on the market. It holds a "NO MICRO-CRACK" certification using electroluminescent tests.
  • With the ease of transportation and safekeeping. We have the ability to clean multiple job sites throughout the United States.

Solar Panel Cleaning in & around Corona

Soiling has been proven to decrease the life and efficiency of your solar panels. Routine cleaning can play a vital role in maintenance & longevity. Rainwater can help alleviate the problem. However, it’s not a real solution. Rinsing your solar panels with hose water will increase the risk of calcium buildup and more.

Solar panel cleaning before cleaning and after cleaning in Corona, CANewly cleaned solar panels showing clear reflection in Corona, CA

How can we help?

At Pacific Solar Care, our team has the solutions to safely remove the following:

  • Brake and rubber grime near traffic areas.
  • Bird droppings in habitual zones.
  • Dirt and debris from construction sites.
  • Pine sap from nearby forestry.
  • Pollen from bees and other insects.
  • Lichen from wetlands.

Deep Solar Panel Cleaning

Sometimes you may require a little more than our standard solar panel cleaning service. Certain substances such as pine tar, paint overspray, and roofing glue can significantly reduce your solar panels' efficiency.

Our Pacific Solar Care team understands how to efficiently deep clean your solar panels to protect the panel while removing any substance accumulated on your panels.

Deep solar panel cleaning before and after photograph in Corona, CASolar panel cleaning in progress in Corona, CA

How can we help?

Pacific Solar Care offers proven results for long-lasting performance. Our water purification system utilizes a reverse osmosis chamber and deionized resin for a spot-free shine.

Benefits of using spot-free water:

  • Energy gains between 5-30%.
  • Will not leave mineral spots due to hard water.
  • Recommended by solar panel manufacturers.
  • Faster return on your investment.
  • Increases the lifespan of your solar panel system.
  • No soaps or detergents used.

Animal Intrusion Service

We love animals, perhaps more than the average person! Sometimes, birds and other animals find solace underneath your solar panels; this can result in bird droppings and active bird nests, which are detrimental to your solar panels and your home environment.

To help with this in a safe way for these beautiful creatures, we will:

  • Safely remove all droppings and nests and can help to relocate any birds to a safe environment. (Additional fees apply for nest removal, bird dropping cleanup, etc.)
  • Install PCV-coated metal mesh around the entire array system of your solar panels that will not void your warranty.
PCV Coated metal mesh on solar panels

"I have known Ryan since 2019 when we first bought our house in Corona and it came with Solar panels. Ryan was prompt in responding, setting up appointment, coming out and cleaning the solar panels and also giving us tips for maintaining them for highest production of energy. Since then we have used used him twice or thrice a year. He is very trustworthy and take good care of your property and does not leave a mess on finishing his job. I highly recommend Ryan with the services he offers."

Irfan P. via Google

We are here to provide a top-tier solar panel cleaning service for your home or business.

If you have been searching for a dependable, local, insured solar panel cleaning company in Corona and the surrounding areas, please reach out to our team at Pacific Solar Care today — we are at your service!

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